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2 coating glue machine and focus to produce adhesive bandages

Production Line 1 : coating Acrylic glue 

- Production Line 2 :  coating Hot melt glue

More than 41 patents and copyright to protect your products safe and legal

- The ONLY legal company to produce and sell Elastic adhesive bandage 

- The ONLY legal company to produce and sell 4-way stretched kinesiology tape 

- Have applied the PCT for Kintape 2 and Kintape 3 which will last over 10days after applying

Big or Small,  you could find the solution here

-Customized design(on package/tape/glue/paper core/material)

-Brand new Kinesiology tape (Stock at China/United State/United Kingdom)

-Small minimum order quantity

-Ship to Amazon warehouse 


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"DL is a honest partner, keep upgrade the producing technique since 2011 when we cooperated"

- Edel

"You could have news every year from DL. New products, New technique, New project. "

- Carl

"Not a big factory, may some mistakes, may complain but we are still stand for each other here."

- Martin

"Thanks for help us much on develop the new products, Mr. Han good at the knowledge on basic cloth material of bandages. "

- Micheal

"Deep impressed the effect of pain relief by Kintape technique."

- Paul

Kinesiology tape 5cm x 1m

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Something New for 2018

Never stop to develop

kintape 2

Kintape 2

Extreme sticky | Last over 10 days | Combed cotton thin and soft.

Video of testing kintape 2

Run a Workshop for heath care

No.1 experience center at Shanghai / Pain relief by 4 easy steps / 70 minutes for treatment

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