Worldwide Sales and Support:

  • You will get the unique products before the other clients or exclusive in the market.  
  1. DL is the manufacturer of tape and bandage Since 2004,  there is 41 patents on products and producing technology.
  2. Never stop to develop and Never only OEM.
  3. Our advantage is ODM since 2004.
  4. Now we have our Kintape Brand.
  5. In Nov.,2016, at MEDICA exhibition. Kintape 2 which is supper thin combed cotton and with smart glue. Kintape 2 is safe for wearing even more than 10 days in treatment.  
  • You will get the taping technique supports from kintape mate from the worldwide. 
    1. Kintape technique and theory system will organize the courses and invite kintape mates to be a alliance for helping people to use kintape to treat more and more 
    2. The BOOK (English Version published / Spanish Version is coming soon) <Principles and Practice of Kintape > is selling on Amazon US/EU
    3. There is more than 3000 Kintape mates in CHINA already, they are doctors and experts in different field ( Like Rehabilitation, Peadiatrics,  orthopedics, hemiplegic paralysis, apoplexia etc ). They will offer the experience of different field for reference. 
    4. Keep opening the Kintape Seminar for kintape mates for study and communication in the world.   And welcome to our head office in Changzhou city (1 hour from Shanghai) any time for the seminar. 
    • You will get the products easier from our US/UK warehouse. And more later. 
    • You will have chance to cooperation with us online. (Platform like Amazon, Walmart,Dhgate, Aliexpress etc.  Online store, ours or yours. )


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    Kintape technique and theory system