Easier Business , Easier Life

Think of a cup of tea, your laptop and an afternoon in the sun...or perhaps, all your friends seated around a table sharing your joys with each other. Work and life is meant to be simple and pure.

Yet, the world doesn’t seem to tick that way. The need for survival intertwines itself with every person and we find ourselves striving for the future, which quickly becomes the past, but in this process we lose track of what’s really important: the present.

We’ve all had that time where we thought we could use money to buy our happiness and prove our success. We endeavor to stand above the crowd, working industriously and dedicatedly, all while trying to make sure everything is fair. We negotiate, make deals and compare quality with price. But in the blink of an eye, ten years pass us by. We think that what we’ve been attaining is happiness, yet when looking back, we’re right where we started ten years ago: scrambling for work to tackle the hopes of tomorrow. As for today, we’re too exhausted to even notice it.

We’ve all obsessed over sales, chased new technologies, improved brand image and refined our channels of operation. Only when all’s said and done do we realize that we’ve lost track of the essence of life; we’ve already forgotten why and for whom we’ve been striving so hard.

Work is only a part of life. It should meld with our lives, it should be happy and simple. Thus, we have reorganized our priorities!

Today, every day, we are helping others. We are willing to help every single person. Be it helping others to learn a new skill, pioneer in a new industry or even just assuage a minor tenderness, this is a part of our work, and it’s a part of our lives!

Life has become simple and pure. We only wish to see a smile on your face, create a tiny opportunity for you or shed light on a slight darkness in your life. In doing so, it also becomes a part of our lives, just like a cup of tea and a glimmer of sunlight. Gone then are the days of comparing the fairness of price, ridden too are those sales targets that leave us pallid.

Work is but a way of life, it should bring you, and consequently us, nothing but joy and bliss. Actually, bliss is really the only product one should ever mean to produce.

We all wish for happiness in our lives. No one hopes that work becomes a source of pain. The key to doing this is by keeping things simple, while avoiding scrambling around just to achieve success.

Easier Business , Easier Life .