About DL Since 2004

Changzhou DL Medical & Health Equipment Co.,ltd, whose predecessor is Duoling ,established on 2004. During 2004 to 25th July on 2008, we never stop technology development and finally start mass production of Elastic Adhesive Bandage. We successes in all the sizes of this bandage and the whole machine line.

self-respect, respect other people, respect intellectual property, respect the environment is our company dogma. We started to build IP system since 2004, applied 26 patents, 1 copyright, 2 registered trademarks and 2 applying trademarks, 13 technological secrets. And the number is still growing.

Employee well-being and environment harmless are always our target. We paid much attention on this, for example, we use only water but not some chemical substance in the after treatment process of EAB.

Till end of 2012, we built 9 brand agents abroad and 4 in China. We provide using instruction for free. We are now building a sports rehabilitation center. All of these is for social value.

Our company participated in 3 Changzhou city project till 2012, and preparing to contribute more to our city, our country and the world.