Kintape 2 (Last for 10 days)

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Kintape 2 - Combed cotton 

Patent No. ZL201220194259.0

Thickness: 0.32mm 



Last for 10days, breathable, Super Thin, Dry Quickly in 1 minutes if by dry paper 

Clinic/Hospital/KintapeDirector/physiotherapist for treatment Choice

If you are thinking of the long term cooperation, and a sample of Kintape 2 and more paper information needed first. Please Click to go to Samples and paper catalogue page to fill the form the samples request form.

Benefits of Kintape:

  1. Influence on skin
  2. Influence on muscles
  3. Influence on nervous system
  4. Influence on blood
  5. Functions to lymph and lymph glands
  6. Functions to skeleton
  7. Other functions

Six Functional Principles

  1. Flow guidance
  2. Promoting blood circulation
  3. Sorting out fascia tissue
  4. Acupuncture points effect
  5. Intensify or relax muscle tissue
  6. Gate control theory