Han Shibing, the founder of Kintape technique

Who is Han Shibing? 

The Mr. Han you may known since 2004 while the DL established.  Because he is the boss :) 

He is the engineer of product producing and product usage, The author of Book Principles and practice of Kintape, and more and more

Now you may find Mr. Han in the TV ...  Let us show you the The TV Show this year



 Kintape technique and theory

 Han Shibing

Major:  Law and Textile Design

In 1996, A graduate of Changzhou textile industry School. And major in textile design. And achieve the outstanding graduate award of province.

In 1996, Joint in the sales department of Jingjiang Tianlun industry Limited Company.

In 1998, Joint in the Changzhou Yinyan Electronic flasher limited company. Act as an sales manager.

In 2000, Joint in Changzhou Meiya electron limited company.(invested by a US company ) Act as a marketing director of CHINA market.

In 200, Be partner of Changzhou Yake electron limited company. And success to develop the 120 electrodeless dimming flash light. And get the orders from government for the exchange ID system.

In 2002, Development the reflecting material which color temperature at 5300K by his own , break the worldwide monopoly from German.

In 2004, Established DuoLing, start to develop the 100% cotton Elastic Adhesive Bandage.

In 2004-2008, successful to develop the technology of twisting yarns which twisting the 21’ cotton yarn to 2350 untwisted turns per meter, and solve the setting technology and recover technology after twisting.

In 2009, develop the H-EAB. ”H” because of “Han”.

In 2010, develop the Han’s tape

In 2010,Participate the issue of variability material research. And make it be marketization.

In 2004-2010, successful to solve some issues of weaving machine.(all is pioneer)

  1. Selvedge system of the weaving machine, use the yarn for selvedge from the warp beam.
  2. Vertical cutting system in the weaving, and have gained the patent. And then no vertical cutting by hand any more in CHINA. That is more than 10 times progress on efficiency of workshop.
  3. Drying method for elasticity in warp.

In 2011, Duoling changed to DL.

In 2012, Develop the medical acrylic glue, and make the whole industry of producing kintape.

In 2012, Develop the multi lines, multi forms hot melt glue coating machine.(stay in privacy)

In 2012, Research the new physio therapy theory system. And work it out on products. And write 3 application books.

In 2013, Archive the third prize of science and technology in Wujin District

In 2014, DL archive the awards of High tech-Company.

In 2014, Archive outstanding company prize of the CHINA innovation & entrepreneurship competition.

In 2014, DL list in the Quotation list.

In 2015, Start for Kintape technique and theory system, and make courses in CHINA. More than 2000 doctors approval the Kintape technique and theory is helpful and the great theory for them to use the kintape well in different filed. Published the CIHNESE version of Principles and practice of Kintape.

In 2016, Starting the Kintape technique alliance in the world. And published the English version of Principles and practice.