Theory: Traditional Chinese Medicine Dynamic Channels Taping Published on September 2023 after 8 years.


It was completed by Dr. David Liu, professor of acupuncture and moxibustion, a Canadian exercise rehabilitation scientist, and Mr. Han Shibing, inventor of traditional Chinese medicine bionics, who developed the international kintape technology theory system for eight years.

Dr. David Liu will also complete the translation of the English version of the book, which will be available soon.

It is an integrated exercise rehabilitation technique of contemporary Chinese medicine, which comprehensively applies the theories and practices of basic Chinese medicine, kinematics, meridians, acupoints, bionic textile materials, and bionic manipulation techniques of Chinese medicine.

By pasting kintape on human skin, in accordance with the Meridian theory of Chinese medicine, the characteristics of bionic textile materials, and the principle of five sensitive manipulations, supplemented by the theories of five elements, Yin and Yang, and Tibetan images, etc. Treatment, prevention, and recovery of pain, sports injury, and zang-fu function.

We warmly welcome all friends who are interested in the field of TCM, taping, and rehabilitation to study and exchange

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