How simple to run a workshop for health care with DL Medical & Health

1.Simple to consumer 

If you feel pain on shoulder.

Then just go to the DL health care workshop.

Firstly, coating some DL deep repairing cream on the pain point, may 5 minutes.

Then have a seat in the DL intelligent recovery cabin for 30-40 minutes. You could use the phone and PC in this 30 minutes or maybe meditation better.

The next, lay on the physiotherapy couch for activation 15-20 minutes by DL microwave heating.

The last, taping by kintape to rebuild a system on the skin surface. 

In words:

  • Consumer will stay in the workshop for 4 steps about 70 minutes in total, and pay 50-80 USD per time. 
  • Consumer will feel reducing the 60% of pain after 70 minutes. 
  • For the consumer who feel pain due to blocking, rheumatism and cold, deep laceration, inflammation, circulation.

2.Simple to operate

 Only 4 steps from start to the end. No need to judge, just check the pain and start the 4 steps for any pain. Because it is the same solution for all pain. 

  • Cream the pain 
  • Turn on the DL intelligent recovery cabin
  • Turn on the DL microwave heating 
  • Taping 

3.Simple to learn 

 The 4 steps of operate is so easy, even more you could image that you know how to do.

Cream the pain, that is easy and no need to learn. 1 minutes to learn the standard.

Turn on the DL intelligent recovery cabin and DL microwave heating by press some button.  10 minutes to sure the button then you could know how to use them.

Taping, that is the only one you may need to learn longer time. You could learn to be an expert (No dead time). Also could learn the basic application to handle the common pain.  (2 days - 32 applications and 6 principles)

4.Simple to start

If you have a space(a room) that work shop, then you could start it because of you will have the whole solution and staff while you pay to us.

And DL will keep updating the solutions. Effect the pain, and simple. DL will update the machine or technology.

Start simplely now

DL health care workshop

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