Training course notice - Hohhot

Time: Mid-July 2023

Location: Hohhot, China

Training content: The principle and practice of kintape, and the new myofascial topic part

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Others: Old students attend free of charge.


Kintape technique and theory is a simple theory to use kintape for pain relief. 

What is the Kintape technique and theory

  • Original theory: Bionics
  • Six principles :
  1. Flow guidance
  2. Promoting blood circulation
  3. Intensify or relax muscle tissue
  4. Sorting our fascia tissue
  5. Acupuncture points effect
  6. Gate control theory


If you are Doctor, Physiotherapist, or professional on taping. You will find Kintape technique and theory is a simple theory and easy to remember. Kintape technique and theory have a big compatibility.

In China, Kintape technique and theory is a very famous theory combined with the treatment of the neurology department, Orthopedics department, athletic injury department, and Pediatrics department. It is famous in hospitals at those departments since they study kintape techniques and theory from this March till now, and going ahead to more and more filed and departments.


If you have no any medical or muscle knowledge, Don’t worry about it, there will be some easy principles to do it is easier to remember for a simple judge. You still can fix some easy cases and common cases.

Kintape technique and theory

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