How is the quality of Kintape 2 ?

You will see this is an video for testing the Kintape 2 for 12 days

What is the value in physical therapy treatment?  


  1. More than 10 days, no allergy, Only peel off some ends of the corner. It is perfect and a big meaning for physiotherapy. (if you don't know how to treat and relief the pain by kintape, just visit to learn more)
  2. Kintape 2 stay on the skin well and waterprrof. Even after taking the shower 11 times. (If you apply it with the correct methods, No worried about shower every day. Kintape 2 stay well )
  3. Always keep close to skin. As you see, wrinkle as same as the skin, and keep stay on the surface by wrinkle shape to the skin. It means affect as more as Kintape 2 can. 
  4. Keep Stable force of elasticity. After 12 days, while you peel off the Kintape 2, It has the elasticity also. that means it is a stable and quality spandex inside. And means Kintape 2 treat and affect to body as long as the time it stay on your skin. (DL produced kintape by 70D Spandex)