Taping Manual and Book - Principles and practice of kintape (English version)

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  1. Taping guide. Pocket Book  - for sports  38 applications.  (English and Chinese together version)
  2. Taping guide. Pocket Book - for treatment, pain relief.  30 applications. (English and Chinese versipon)
  3. Book - Principles and practice of kintape (English version)

A Pioneering Treatise On The Positive Impact of Kintape on the Human Body. ( For people who want to learn Kintape or to learn a Kintape way to recovery health by physical methods . No matter with or without medical knowledge )


Kintape is highly recommended by physical therapists , Chiropractors and professional trainers as an effective way to protect the body from injury. And now, the more , Kintape is becoming a main method in hospital for killing pain or curing the non-bacterial inflammation .


Because of bionics, Kintape works deep on the human body different from kinesiology tape.Principles and Practice of Kintapewill explain what,why and how . And 6 functional principles will guide you to taping it with treatment thoughts, not only a guide steps to stick the tape.


  • Who will read? Read it, if you are interested in the Kintape courses. Read it , if you are using kinesiology tape for treatment. Read it, if would like to know a new physical methods to relief pain. Read it, If you want to know how to choose a good quality standards of kinesiology tape.
  • 15 kintape guides and treatment principle with clear pictures. Like Headache, Cervical spondylopathy, Scapulohumeral paeriarthritis (frozen shoulder) , Lower shoulder pain , Strain of lumbar muscle ,Protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc. Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis),Golfer elbow, wrist ,knee, Shank acid , Pain and swelling of shank , Varicosity ,Ankle sprain, Flat feet (plantar fasciitis ), all proved by more than 10000 cases from our kintape therapy train store .
  • Good for with or without medical knowledge readers. If you have no medical knowledge, there is some simple explanation of the little medical concepts in this book. So don’t worry. And you could taping easier to treatment some strain, protection, pain relief and injury. If you have the medical knowledge, it is happy that if you could take advantage of Kintape in your expert by the 6 original function principles. Like for pregnant, for psychosomatic, for poliomyelitis, paralytic etc. And great to hear from you to have a further communication with us on the principle.


About the author: Mr. Han Shibing.

Mr. Han Shibing is the founder and president of DL (Changzhou DL Medical & Health Equipment Co., Ltd - tapes and bandages manufacturer since 2004, the owner of DL and Kintape brand ), Is the inventor of Kintape, products of nano-technology and biotechnology file. Specialize in technology research and industrialization. And major in textile, electronic, law, intellectual property. And have been break some international monopoly of electronic, medical and textile. In 2015, spend near to 10 years, Mr. Han finish the Kintape research and build complete Kintape system (produce, usage and education).