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DL Medical at MEDICA 2017
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Kintape, Pain relief tape

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Kintape technique  

  • Treat Non-Bacterial inflammation
  • BOOK- Principles and Practice of Kintape - Chinese Version/ English version/ Spanish Version(Coming in the early of 2017)
  • Kintape technique suit for home care/clinic/hospital/sports injury/strengthen and release muscle
  • 5 Parts EASY TYPE - Standard home care treatment for Headache, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Waist Pain, Knee Pain
  • Mini 38 Kintape Application Guides 
  • Offer different guides for Customized filed by kintape technique
  • Proved by more than 3000 Doctors (Kintape technique learner used the technique to achive the treat thoughts)

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     Kintape 10 colors

    Kintape / Kinesiology tape     Watch the Video of Kintape 1 

    • Colorful and fashion sports protect, strengthen and release muscle tape
    • Treat the pain by Physio therapy 
    • 2 way and 4 way stretch options 
    • Neutral Package
    • Printing inner core
    • Printing on tape
    • Customized package
    • Customized Shapes, shapes patch or shapes in roll
    • Special Requirement: Like offer titanium/ tourmalin to mix in the tape
    • You buy Cloth and DL coating glue service OR offer cloth only  

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    Elastic Adhesive Bandage 

    • Strong Support, Strapping tape
    • More than 180% Elasticity, and it is 100% cotton Very good for degradation wild
    • For orthopedics / fixed position / Soccer / Football / Rugby
    • Many tenders
    • Neutral  Package 
    • Printing inner core 
    • Customized package
    • 2 options: DL Cloth Material or KOB Cloth material 

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    why DL

    Q: How long does DL be founded?

    A: 12 years, Since 2004.  Click to see the history

    Q: How is the research and develop on medical tapes and bandages?

    A: 18 trade mark and 41 patents.  Click to see the timeline of tachnical

    Q: What is the 41 patents for ?

    A: To sure that the products produced by DL is legal in CHINA. Your products are safe.  To protect that you could have the products in unique, ealier than others.

    Q: Why DL's products is perfect for the market?

    A: Keeping in touch with the final customers by open the rehabilitations, training centers, and retail platform, Social media. Because of own the whole kintape technique and theory system. 

    Q: Why do DL always have the newest technique and new products that the other don't?

    A: Experiencs on develop. And develop the whole industry chain from yarn to cloth to coating glue to usage.  Partners gain thier design done by our help.  DL learn new technical and use them for our market plan.

    Never stop and you will get more from DL in the coming work together

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    How to Visit DL's Producing Department at Changzhou City?  (1 hours from Shanghai by CHR Railway)