How is the quality of Kintape 1 (Different from Kinesiology tape Standard)

Watch the video of Kintape 1 

Basic Quality control:
1. Acrylic Glue and Wave Surface (some brand is not so clear, and the non-glue parts are too thin) , If not clear, it can not affect to human body like blood circulation.
2. Adhesive should be higher than 3N/CM. If lesser, It can not be wear to 3-5 days. and even can not holding for sweating in sports.
3. Elasticity 1:1.6-1:1.8, it is a perfect range for human skin, if you taping with 20% -40% stretched. there will be a range for our body bend. you won't be hurt.
4. Water proof level 3. Water proof is not means it keep dry always. it is breath, and only level 3, for helping to sure it is good for diving sports / shower for hours.

What and Why does Kintape's standard more?
1. The glue surface can not be broken even glue adhesive itself. That means it is coated by a high producing technology to save the glue on the cloth material. And that also means you could coating more and thick glue.
Why DL Medical producing thicker glue? Regarding the Kintape technique and theory. Thicker glue will affect the skin more to have more space lifted.
2. Relaxation Rate is lesser than 5%. Remove the paper first. then get the Kintape back to natural (no any stretched) if lesser than 5%, that means the elasticity won't be broken in a long time. It will keep in a stable elasticity and quality in 3 years (useful life).
Why DL request even more on the paper releasing force? If the relaxation rate is lesser than 5%, and with DL's reasonable back paper. You could just releasing the paper to apply on skin. By this way means you stretched 20% of the Kintape. that is helpful on your taping.
3. Keep the always same width if you tear it by elasticity direction.
Why DL request the standard of that same width? Regarding the Kintape technique and theory, the direction of the wave and elasticity is very important to affect the direction of blood or interstitial fluid, You have to make sure that the blood direction as your taping, then you should make sure the tape is producing with a straight elasticity. then how? tear it and it have to keep same width, that means it is straight elasticity.

Please Watch the video again, you will see the different tips or just test by yourself. 

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