What is Kintape or Kinesiology tape used for?

In a word, Kintape or Kinesiology tape (They are not all the same, But Kintape could effect over Kinesiology tape) is a elastic adhesive bandage, it has wave glue surface, and it is designed to be fashion, colorful. Famous on sports for Muscle strengthen, Muscle release and protection firstly, Then used for physiotherapy to pain relief. And now, more and more function. Because of people know the technique and theory more, combined in different field. 

  • Kintape or Kinesiology tape For Sports
Protect you from sports injury
Strengthen your muscle or endurance to have a better performance
Release the muscle and sores after sports to recovery
Support you to have a better activity if any injury happened 
Never stop you to play sports 
Out of the regular use of Kintape or Kinesiology tape in sports like: 
Face protection, heel protect from shoes because of the soft and fashion material, waterproof (sweat proof) and hyposensitivity adhesive.
Team sports / Club Marks because of Kintape or Kinesiology tape is colorful and famous with different printing even name of team and clubs. Because of print on the surface of cloth, so that is not a big MOQ, so that, it is a unique team safety things. And people could realize the team, the logo, the club easier because they will wear them to play in sports or other activities.
Like Figure :
Kintape or Kinesiology tape for sports safety
  • Kintape or Kinesiology tape For Physio Therapy
Reduce the swollen/ sore
Dispersing blood stasis 
Chiropractic / Massage / Posture 
Improve blood circulation 
Pain Relief 
More function of Kintape for treatment
For treat all Non-bacterial inflammation. It could be a academic and application for many medical field. 
The Kintape technique and theory combined to treatment of neurology department, Orthopedics department, athletic injury department, Pediatrics department etc. in hospital. 
All application belongs to one original theory: Bionics.
And it is Six principles: 
  1. Flow Guidance
  2. Promoting blood circulation
  3. Intensify or relax muscle tissue
  4. Sorting our fascia tissue
  5. Acupuncture points effect
  6. Gate Control Theory 
Like Figure:
Kintape or Kinesiology tape used for physio therapy
The more function develop by human in the future. Some is used for pet now. They know the theory and know about treat pet, then they could know how to make the taping methods effect to the purpose.

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