What does Kintape technique and theory used for ?

Kintape technique and theory is very compatibility to many field.

If you are Doctor, Physiotherapist, or professional on taping. You will find Kintape technique and theory is a simple theory and easy to remember. Kintape technique and theory has a big compatibility.

In China, Kintape technique and theory is a very famous theory combined to the treatment of neurology department, Orthopedics department, athletic injury department, Pediatrics department. It is famous in hospital at those department since they study kintape technique and theory from this March till now, and going ahead to more and more filed and department.

If you have no any medical or muscle knowledge, Don’t worry about it, there will be some easy principles to do it easier to remember for simple judge. You still can fix some easy case and common cases.

What is the Kintape technique and theory

  • Original theory: Bionics
  • Six principles :
  1. Flow guidance
  2. Promoting blood circulation
  3. Intensify or relax muscle tissue
  4. Sorting our fascia tissue
  5. Acupuncture points effect
  6. Gate control theory

Kintape technique and theory in School/College

That is a course of major health recovery or medical in college. Increasing the possibility of employment. And catching the new things, they will have a good chance while they graduated.

Kintape technique and theory in Hospital/Clinic

They are Doctors and major in different field. Come together and learn the kintape technique and theory, Then combined the kintape technique and theory to their treatment. Kintape technique and theory helping them use the kintape to work out some purpose of treatment steps easier.

Till today, 16th,Sep,2016, They are successful to use in the field as following:

  • Neurology Department:
  1. Treatment of stroke patients with shoulder subluxation,
  2. Shoulder-hand syndrome, Improve leg straight and rotation,
  3. Help stable and enhance the respiratory function for patients with abdominal and trunk.
  • Orthopedics and sports injuries Department:
  1. Treatment of cervical disease, biceps tendinitis, tennis elbow, lumbar muscle strain, knee arthritis, ankle sprain plantar fasciities
  2. Correct posture
  3. Achilles tendon injury
  • Pediatrics Department:
  1. Treatment of children with cerebral palsy
  2. Lower limb spasm
  3. Strengthening leg straight action
  4. Provide tactile input  
  5. Provide foot and ankle proprioceptive 

The more, your mission

Kintape technique for Fitness

Kintape technique and theory for public benefit activities

Help people learn a technique to help more people. the basic standard taping methods.

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