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How to taping the shoulder for pain relief

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How to taping the shoulder for pain relief, that is a classic case here by kintape technique and theory. 

Pain relief the Scapulohumeral periarthritis (periarthritis of shoulder)

How to kintape the shoulder, if the pain caused by trauma and movement reduction of shoulder joints, retrogressive change of scapulohumeral soft tissue or long term strain of scapulohumeral ligament, tendon, etc.

So what is the symptoms of the shoulder pain we could kintape?

  1. Pain in shoulders: mild in day and severe in night, usually awake due to pain after midnight, cannot lie on the affected side.
  2. Patients suffering pains caused by catching a cold are particularly sensitive to changing climates.
  3. Pressing pain
  4. Shoulder movements are limited, limited shoulder functions in the case of movements including abduction, upward raising, external rotation, internal rotation, etc. In the later period, some patients have muscle atrophy in their shoulders.
  5. Shoulders are sensitive to the chill and wind.

How to kintape the shoulder to relief the pain?

First: The Claw kintape. Based on the position of the sore spot, apply the connection point onto the joint of the forearm and chest (near the lymph), or apply onto the back (near the lymph). Four claw branches wrap the shoulder fanwise. If the sore spot is in the acromion, the taping methods is as shown in Fig.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

The claw flow guidance, with simultaneous acupuncture point effect. Import the blood into the sore spot and lift the subcutaneous space of the sore spot. in case of acromion, import the inflammation into the lymph( when it is ascertained to be a non-bacterial inflammation) to accelerate inflammation elimination.

Second: The Y type kintape, Raise the arm flat and bend forward to expose musculus triceps brachii. Stretch and apply the kintape from the elbow to the shoulder, then bifurcate in the arm root. Apply two branches of Y tape kintape toward the small intestine meridian and upper edge of the trapezius while stretching.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

Break through meridians and relax the musculus triceps brachii and trapezius and connecting to the arm.

Note: if the arm can rotate foeward but cannot rotate backward, apply the kintape onto the musculus biceps brachii in the same method. that is switch to the front or add another kintape in front.

Third: The I type kintape. First apply it onto the rear axilla, then stretch it forward to wrap the acromion and apply it onto the front axilla to form fascia guidance and strength support.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

Import the rear axilla lymph and connect to the front axilla lymph to enhance muscular strength in the shoulder.

Fourth: The I type kintape, Apply it from the jianjing acupoint in the shoulder, and then stretch the kintape downward in the middle through the acromion untill reaching the lower edge of the deltoind muscle to strengthen the deltoid muscle.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

From physical lift of the shoulder and accelerate the blood backflow simultaneously.

Fifth: The I type kintape. Apply the kintape along the middle part from the deltoid muscle. Stretch the two ends upward along the edge arc of the deltoid muscle to wrap the deltoid muscle.

Reactions after applying

Relief in symptoms, including difficulty in raising upward as well as forward and backward rotation. In the case of the deep pain, it will be relieved significantly when pressed with the hands after applying.

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  • Just curious, bionics is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology. How could you call kinesiology tape as Bionics? What is Mr. Han’s background? Is he a biologist or engineer? I’d like to discuss with him about both bionics and kinesiology tape.

    BTW, my symptom is mainly the pain in shoulder, and worse in night, and cannot life the arm. I used you technique to tape my shoulder, and used a lot tape and did not work well. I do not know what this application has something to do with bionics? Can you elaborate it? Thanks.

    Green Moor on
  • Hi Green Moor,
    Please describe your symptoms of your shoulder pain, and share us the methods you did for reference to other friends. :)

    If no idea of other symptom for treat the non-bacterial pain. still could use this way to apply.

    And please check the principles:

    Or buy the book by Mr. Han Shibing:

    If you buy the book. we could offer you 4 kintape-1 tapes free for trial the kintape technique.

    All the theory from 1 original: Bionics.

    If you would like to learn more, please check our seminar schedule. welcome to visit us.


    DL - Kintape on
  • I am interested to know who developed this technique and what is the theory behind that. Can you elaborate this a little more?

    Green Moor on
  • The result is no moor better than my much simpler application, while your application takes more tape and time to do so.

    Green Moor on
  • Hi Green Moor,
    It is sorry to hear that, but will discussing with you soon about the technique. And what is the result you try? thanks

    DL - Kintape on

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