How to taping the shoulder for pain relief

How to taping the shoulder for pain relief, that is a classic case here by kintape technique and theory. 

Pain relief the Scapulohumeral periarthritis (periarthritis of shoulder)

How to kintape the shoulder, if the pain caused by trauma and movement reduction of shoulder joints, retrogressive change of scapulohumeral soft tissue or long term strain of scapulohumeral ligament, tendon, etc.

So what is the symptoms of the shoulder pain we could kintape?

  1. Pain in shoulders: mild in day and severe in night, usually awake due to pain after midnight, cannot lie on the affected side.
  2. Patients suffering pains caused by catching a cold are particularly sensitive to changing climates.
  3. Pressing pain
  4. Shoulder movements are limited, limited shoulder functions in the case of movements including abduction, upward raising, external rotation, internal rotation, etc. In the later period, some patients have muscle atrophy in their shoulders.
  5. Shoulders are sensitive to the chill and wind.

How to kintape the shoulder to relief the pain?

First: The Claw kintape. Based on the position of the sore spot, apply the connection point onto the joint of the forearm and chest (near the lymph), or apply onto the back (near the lymph). Four claw branches wrap the shoulder fanwise. If the sore spot is in the acromion, the taping methods is as shown in Fig.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

The claw flow guidance, with simultaneous acupuncture point effect. Import the blood into the sore spot and lift the subcutaneous space of the sore spot. in case of acromion, import the inflammation into the lymph( when it is ascertained to be a non-bacterial inflammation) to accelerate inflammation elimination.

Second: The Y type kintape, Raise the arm flat and bend forward to expose musculus triceps brachii. Stretch and apply the kintape from the elbow to the shoulder, then bifurcate in the arm root. Apply two branches of Y tape kintape toward the small intestine meridian and upper edge of the trapezius while stretching.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

Break through meridians and relax the musculus triceps brachii and trapezius and connecting to the arm.

Note: if the arm can rotate foeward but cannot rotate backward, apply the kintape onto the musculus biceps brachii in the same method. that is switch to the front or add another kintape in front.

Third: The I type kintape. First apply it onto the rear axilla, then stretch it forward to wrap the acromion and apply it onto the front axilla to form fascia guidance and strength support.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

Import the rear axilla lymph and connect to the front axilla lymph to enhance muscular strength in the shoulder.

Fourth: The I type kintape, Apply it from the jianjing acupoint in the shoulder, and then stretch the kintape downward in the middle through the acromion untill reaching the lower edge of the deltoind muscle to strengthen the deltoid muscle.

The technique decomposition by BOOK Principles and practice of kintape

From physical lift of the shoulder and accelerate the blood backflow simultaneously.

Fifth: The I type kintape. Apply the kintape along the middle part from the deltoid muscle. Stretch the two ends upward along the edge arc of the deltoid muscle to wrap the deltoid muscle.

Reactions after applying

Relief in symptoms, including difficulty in raising upward as well as forward and backward rotation. In the case of the deep pain, it will be relieved significantly when pressed with the hands after applying.


Green Moor

I also want to know by the method you provided above, what direction of flow is controlled by these tapes? You have along the axis of shoulder, around the axis of shoulder, cross the axis shoulder, do you mean the these are all the direction of blood flow?

Green Moor

You also mentioned he “do the research of Kinesiology tape Since 2008”. What kine of research he did? Any publications besides the book? Or can I have the book? I may not understand fully his theory. If I can read this book, then I may understand more.


Green Moor

For your first replay, you said the “tapes produced as venous valve” to control venous flow. That is not likely because the major veins are not in the skin. They are UNDER the skin. Even they are in the skin, tapes cannot act like valves, because the tapes are outside the vein. Only external mechanical pressure can affect the blood flow. When you say “to control the direction”, what does that mean? You cannot control the direction by anyway because the direction is controlled by heart pump. Even though, it is not “Bionics”, you can only say if can “effect the physiological function”, which may not be a good thing, and that is not “Bionics”.

BTW, in your second email, you reply the founder of Mr. Han. I notice he is “Mr.”, you did not explain his background. Can I ask specifically: what was his educational background? Did he receive any formal biomedical or bio-engineering education? I would really like to discuss all these to him.

DL - Kintape

Mr. Han Shibing is the founder of DL, and do the research of Kinesiology tape Since 2008 while we have the OEM orders from our clients. And there is much standard from our clients, Different thickness , different elasticity and different glue surface requirement.
In 2010, Mr. Han work out this treatment methods. And till 2012 DL established 5 Rehabilitation centers, treat more than 10,000 cases, and found that , the most pain parts, and the main pain reasons. And there is a standard methods for the part which easier to cover the different pain. and easier to learn for people who has no medical knowledge.
Finally, Mr. Han make the standard of Kintape which has its theory and produced by the Kintape technique and theory.

We will update the blogs on distinguish quality between Kintape 1 , 2 ,3 and the other kinesiology tape later.

The treatment for shoulder pain, is the standard methods as well. So we are not surprise to that if a therapist or a doctor find out the easier methods on the case that they face.

BUT we do care about that, relief your pain. Please reply our email to send us the picture and pain point of yours. Will check how to relief pain well by kintape technique.

While all done, will make the blog as your permission to share with peoples. Thanks

DL - Kintape

Bionics in Kintape technique and theory means , tapes produced as venous valve theory. The blood flow to one direction caused by the venous valve. So if we want to control the direction of something the tapes could effect, we need the tapes effect the skin as venous valve.
The more and detail please check by our BOOK: Principles and Practice of Kintape.

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