How to Kinesiology taping the back pain?

Kinesiology taping is popular and efficient on back pain.

Kinesiology taping is physical treatment for relief pain. 

Kinesiology taping depends on the  Kinesiology tape  and the taping methods.


What kind of the back pain?  You will use this kinesiology taping for
  1. The back pain caused by keeping the same posture for a long time, causing back rigidity in the relevant muscle group;
  2. The back pain caused by incorrect posture when working at a table causes laceration of the muscle;
  3. The back pain caused by usual repetition of the same action causes muscle fatigue damage.
  4. Small muscle stiffness;
  5. Muscular soreness;
  6. Arm weakness;
  7. Obvious pain when pressing with hands.


How is the steps of the kinesiology taping for back pain.

how to kinesiology taping the back pain - kintape

  • First: Pull and apply the Kintape from the shoulders to the neck, and stretch it a little more on the pain point and end on the neck.
  • By Kintape Technique and theory: Relax tense shoulder muscles to relieve the feeling of tearing pain, and lift the subcutaneous space at the pain point.

 how to kinesiology taping the back pain

  • Second: Stretch and apply the Kintape on the pain point, then stretch and apply the Kintape upward on the neck in a fully relaxed state. Lastly, stretch and apply and twine the Kintape down the axillary region along with the scapula.
  • By Kintape Technique and theory: Wrap the pain point and lift the subcutaneous space, and guide into the lymph of the axillary region, straighten out the fascia tissue along with the scapula. Meanwhile, properly intensify the back muscles to increase lifting capacity.


What is the may reaction after kinesiology taping to the back pain by this way? 

Pain reduces 50% immediately after applying the kintape. When exerting force on the original pain point, only deep pain is felt.


In a word. Kinesiology taping is not a treatment for all the back pain.

Different Kinesiology taping methods will has different efficiency. 

So if you are suffer from the back pain as the description above, then try to kinesiology taping your back. 


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