Kintape application of wrist for sport


It is 18 Kintape applications for sports till now. The last kintape application will be for wrist. 

And what is the sports for ?

  • sports causes back-and-fort movement or eversion of wrist. 
  • sports needs hands on on the ground, which caused sprain

How to taping it?

  • Cut a 18cm I type kintape
  • Apply the middle of I type kintape on the wrist without stretch. 5cm of the middle. 
  • Stretch 120% and apply to the left and right part of wrist. please don't stretch in the front part and the back part of wrist. (Or you will feel not comfortable because of that, if you stretch to apply in front or back, the blood circulate will be but)
  • Don't stretch for the final 3-5cm round to the back of wrist. 

Kintape application of wrist for sports

Please click to see the 3 tips for application methods of kintape to help you apply them easier.


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