Phone Cool - Lower Down the temperature to save battery life per day DL1301 [EXW Price]

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This product is made of nano gold, nano titanium, tourmaline and germanium. Function and principle: nano titanium can release the anion effectively. The anion has cooling function. When the cellphone is cool with the resistance decreasing. So that the the temperature decrease, and the stand-by time is lengthened. The service life of the battery will extend.

Quantity: 1 pcs DL Nano PhoneCool
Diameter = 18mm
Note: Just stick it with the double-stick tape

Do you know the DL Nano PhoneCool ?
2013,  You should have one -- DL Nano PhoneCool !!!
Do you think your phone is too hot while use phone to do anything?   Yes, we do .
Playing Games , Your phone no hot any more if use PhoneCool.
Charging Phone , Your phone no hot any more if use PhoneCool .
Open the hotspot, Your phone no hot any more if use PhoneCool.
That is the real Anti-Radiation !!!!


Producing time : 20-45 days in normal. 

There may be SOME EXTRA fee if OEM requirement . 

You could just order to have a list without payment , and to tell us with the order No.. that will be more easier to get your requirement and helpful to work out the freight cost .  :)