Kintape -1 5cm x 5m 4 Roll Economic type

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The Popular and Common tape produced by DL .

Package content :  4 rolls 5cm x 5m + User guide

Name: Kintape-1

Easticity: 150% - 180%

Adhesive : More than 2.5 N


Tips :
1.Don't stretch more than 140% , Because of that the material is 70D Spandex. which has Strong and last elastic force . If stretch too much , the force may bigger than the force , then pull off.
2. Never Stretch , in the 1~2 cm of beginning and the end.

For Sport Protection: Apply Kintape-1 while Clean and dry for more than 30 minutes before sports , Pull them off after that .
For Physio Therapy , Pain Relief : Apply while clean and dry more than 30 minutes before Sweat , water or big activity , Wear it 4-7 days If feel fine.
More usage , talk with us . we will help you use them by Kintape technique and theory.

Kintape-1 has some positive physiological effects to human body through certain taping methods. The effects are coming from the interaction between the tape which is applied by certain methods and body systems including lymphatic and blood circulation, neural, muscular and fascial system. Now , Kintape-1 is widely used by therapists to change muscle power , guide lymphatic fluids , correct and improve posture.

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