Precut I/Y Shape Strips in Roll Kinesiology tape - DL0309 [FOB Price]

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The long kintape is pre cut to I shape, the joint of two pieces, the fabric is completely cut off, while the release paper is still continuous.The available size is 25cm and 20cm. Shrink package for single roll. The cloth can be choose according to customer’s intention, the release paper can be customized.

Size: 5cm x 5m (5cm x 25cm per pieces , 20 pieces in roll)

  • Color : Random color
  • Glue : Medical Hypo-allergenic Acrylic Glue
  • Material: 97% Cotton + 3% 70D Spandex

For Sport Protection: Stick them 30 minutes before sports , pull them off after that
For Physio Therapy , Pain Relief , : Stick 30 minutes before water or big activity , stick it 4-7 days .
More usage , talk with us . we will help you use them by Han's Method.

Kintape is a strong elasticated tape , there will be the beneficial effects of manual therapy if use it for the Special method. Such as massage , in reducing pain and soreness for injured patients .
If you are playing any sports and you need the protection, then use it . And search the usage from Web : "Kinesiology tape usage" . Or just ask us .
1. Improve pain, sour bloated and bone bleeding. Intramuscular injection effect affixed cloth can make subcutaneous tissue with muscle membrane into the space between the increase, which is beneficial to the lymph circulation, promote metabolism, improve the body's natural healing power. Simply paste, can relieve muscle ache swelling, and trauma or bleeding after surgery.
2. Relieve swelling and bleeding. Intramuscular injection effect affixed cloth can improve lymph and blood circulation, promote oxygen and nutrients transport, be helpful for recovery of fatigue.
3. Pain relief. Due to a sports mode and work and other reasons, will be excessive use of certain muscles. Such as tennis elbow easy strain, use appear "tennis elbow," take these often called the "occupational disease". If in sports or before work, using intramuscular injection effect affixed cloth on the prevention of damage effect.
4. Quick recovery muscle fatigue. Sports or long walk, for the use of certain muscles. If prior paste intramuscular injection affixed cloth, relieve fatigue effect, be helpful for muscle continuous, improve movement effect. Or in sport after use, also can accelerate fatigue elimination.
5. Rehabilitation and functional reply effect. Intramuscular injection effect affixed cloth because almost has in muscle equal scalability, paste in surface skin, when the body to natural movement, no influence of daily life, can make people in the unconscious state, produce the effect of rehabilitation and functional reply.
6. Improve joint activities. Joint is movement "pivot", when force joint muscle strength disequilibrium, joint activities will be restricted. Intramuscular injection effect affixed cloth can strengthen weak muscle strength, make joint activities normalization.


Producing time : 20-45 days in normal. 

There may be SOME EXTRA fee if OEM requirement . 

You could just order to have a list without payment , and to tell us with the order No.. that will be more easier to get your requirement and helpful to work out the freight cost .  :)