Flat Edge Elastic Adhesive Bandage - DL0102 [FOB Price]

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Patented 100% cotton zinc oxide adhesive tape with high elasticity and compression for health care


Hot emergency necessity, for your priceless health and life.


Best selling from our factory for more human benefits.

Material: 100% high quality cotton

Glue: latex free zinc oxide hot melt glue

Color: white



1 Provide joint protection in sports games;

2 Orthopedic fix;

3 Postpartum contraction;

4 Pressing stop the bleeding; 

5 Remove grease in cosmetology.



Producing time : 20-45 days in normal. 

There may be SOME EXTRA fee if OEM requirement . 

You could just order to have a list without payment , and to tell us with the order No.. that will be more easier to get your requirement and helpful to work out the freight cost .  :)