Elastic Adhesive Bandage with backing paper - DL0103 [FOB Price]

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Patented 100% cotton zinc oxide adhesive tape with high elasticity and compression for health care

It is ok for 100+ quantity orders

Hot emergency necessity, for your priceless health and life.


Best selling from our factory for more human benefits.

Material: 100% high quality cotton

Glue: latex free zinc oxide hot melt glue

Color: White / skin-colored



1 Provide joint protection in sports games;

2 Orthopedic fix;

3 Postpartum contraction;

4 Pressing stop the bleeding; 

5 Remove grease in cosmetology.



Producing time : 20-45 days in normal. 

There may be SOME EXTRA fee if OEM requirement . 

You could just order to have a list without payment , and to tell us with the order No.. that will be more easier to get your requirement and helpful to work out the freight cost .  :)