Product:How many types of glue are used in Kinesiology tape?

As a adhesive tape, glue is first of all a very important component. Although it is not the most important point in kinesiology tape, it is obviously one of the most important points.

Some customers think that the most expensive glue brand must be the best, and most people want to pursue the best cost-effective, I think there is no standard answer, but if We can learn more varieties of glue, then We will be able to choose the glue that is more suitable for our use scenario.

At present, the existing types of glue on the market are probably the following.

1、Acrylic glue

The characteristics of acrylic glue are water resistance, stable performance, low allergy rate, and very high adaptability to the most common sports and medical use scenarios of Kinesiology tape.

At present, the mainstream acrylic glue on the market includes Chinese acrylic glue, German acrylic glue, and Japanese acrylic glue.

Japanese acrylic glue, is the longest-history product on the market, reputation and trust are good, the disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher, and the allergy rate is slightly higher than other brands of glue.

Among them, the reputation is better, is the German Henkel acrylic glue, the advantage is the brand trust is high, and the quality is stable, the disadvantage is that the price is relatively expensive.

Among them, the largest quantity is Chinese acrylic glue, the advantage is that the price is relatively cheap and cost-effective, and the disadvantage is the lack of good brand trust, but with the passing of time, the quality of the product is more and more stable.

2、hot melting glue

The characteristic of hot melting glue is that the initial viscosity is very good, the allergy rate is low, the disadvantage is that it is not waterproof, and it is easy to fall off when sweating or water sports.

In fact, with the changing use of the product scenario, the shortcomings are not necessarily shortcomings. In the past two years, boob tape becoming very popular which is a variant of kinesiology tape, it is very suitable to use hot melting glue. Because the use scenario of boob tape determines that the use time will not be very long, the product will often be torn off when taking a bath before going to bed. Hot melting glue products can be very gentle during the removal while you take a shower. Without pain, especially in the chest or other skin’s more delicate parts, the stimulation is very small.

3、Silicon gel

This kind of glue is a new one appearing in the past two years, which is very suitable for the use of boob tape. It can be repeatedly fitted and is very gentle when torn off. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high and the market awareness is relatively low.

Sometimes customers will ask, which kind of glue is the best, as a manufacturer, but also from the perspective of education and training, it is difficult to answer “the best” question. After all, my honey is his arsenic. Therefore, in the process of choosing a product, we must consider it from the use scenario.

If you still have questions about the choice of glue for the product or have other questions related to glue, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we will put forward our suggestions for your reference based on our many years of production and use experience.

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