Product:How many different types of kinesiology tape are there?

When we searched for kinesiology tape on the website, tens of thousands of search results popped up.

My goodness, how am I supposed to tell which kinesiology tape is right for me?

If I give you a detailed distinction here between different fabrics, different glues, different sizes, or cuts, it will only make you more confused. When it comes to choosing a kinesiology tape that suits you, the first thing you need to know is what kind of situation you are using it in.

  • If you wish to use Kinesiology tape before and during exercise, the purpose is to prevent the damage caused by exercise. It is recommended to select fabric made of rayon which is more elastic and can flexibly accommodate different degrees of muscle stretching. Glue is waterproof and anti-sweat material to avoid the products from falling off when swimming or sweating heavily.
  • If you have a sports injury and wish to use kinesiology tape in physical therapy, the purpose is to continuously produce physiotherapy effects within 3-5 days of fitting time, it is recommended to choose combed cotton material, which is more gentle and skin-friendly, and the thickness of the cloth is thinner, and the fitting comfort is better. The glue is waterproof and sweat-resistant material. Avoid product shedding after bathing.
  • If you are for some special purposes to cover the surface of some padding, such as boob tape derived from kinesiology tape, which is used for lifting and sculpting the chest in a short period of time, the use time is only a few hours, and you want to have no pain when peeling, it is recommended to choose the ordinary cotton fabric. The glue is a product of hot melt adhesive material, which is very easy to peel off in case of water, and has very low pain and high-cost performance.

As for others, prints or special shapes, are the second layer of selection after selecting the basic type. If you still have doubts about how to choose a kinesiology tape that is more suitable for you, please leave us a message and we will recommend more suitable products for you from the perspective of manufacturers and users.

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