Do you agree the bad experience in the exhibition or trade fair like that?

Exhibition and Trade fair are one of the method for researching, sourcing, catching the market of your industry.

But We don't talk about the good parts today. Let us talk something bad experience. 

  1. Long walk without a target. (Caused by has no the exactly information online first to make a good plan ) Waste time and need to walk with no target too much. 
  2. Have no a good lead to communication in the booth. (It is really a far away from a SHOW)
  3. Too much information depends on talking. But there is lesser people as expect at the booth in exhibition. They can not offer the information well. 
  4. No news
  5. No live product experience
  6. No product demo
  7. No e-catalogue and e-information
  8. No samples to buy 
  9. Only for asking a card. 
  10. No water 
  11. No candy 
  12. No chair

 What is more? Or if any experience to talk about this? Just comments

Or have a look at DL Medical in Exhibition or Trade Fair


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