Welcome to visit us in MEDICA on 16th-19th,Nov.

In 2004 we began to develop 100% cotton EAB(elastic adhesive bandage). At that time, we set ”technology and quality come first” concept and basis in China. Through persistent efforts for more than 10 years, we acquired 6 inventions and 8 utility patents, and are awarded as High-tech Enterprise in Jiangsu. Our products are sold in all major regions and countries in the world. Many top products you see worldwide, may be OEM by our company.


This MEDICA is the first time for DL to show its own technology and products worldwide since its foundation in 2004. And here you will see the completely different science and technology in sports, medical care,bio-material and nanotechnology.


In cotton kinesiology tapes, DL has the most patents in China. Many standards about kinesiology tapes you know are all made and initially regulated by DL. For example, small box size, 144 rolls per carton box, elasticity of 1:1.6, Fabric basic specification standards, hand tear requirements, stickiness standards and so on. In this MEDICA, we will tell you all sources and technical basis of these standards. And more, you will see the technology and product direction in the future.


In China, DL is the only company which combines product production with application and makes practical application guide product production. Since 2010, we have opened seven recovery centers with our service over 20 provinces in China, fully testing and proving our products and use technologies. Now DL forms a complete product theory and principal. And we are willing to share it with you.


In degradable bio-material, our company is listed in”talents in dragon city”(Government talent and science&Technology program) in Changzhou. we are leading in new alginate material in the world. Here You will see its magic in wound, muscular soreness and beauty aspects.


In Medica we also show all our far infrared ray and ion product series. These products can change your body function. You will see: how your flexibility is changed, how your strength and endurance is enhanced and how your balance ability is growing fast. They will bring you limitless surprises.


We are looking forward to enjoy the health brought by technology with you.

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