What is the skills of applying Kintape or Kinesiology tape?

What is the skills of applying Kintape or Kinesiology tape?

You know the Kintape have to stay in you skin to effect the body.  So keep it perfectly on your body is the basic thing you have to do.

Let us watch the Video first to see if any different skills that you apply.


Apply Kintape is a  easy thing that just remove the back paper and stick it on your body. But just like cut the fruits, It is easy to cut. but there is some skill to cut it beautiful and functions. 

Same or different?  Whatever, let us explain what we met, and what is the skills for. 

Do you find that, while you wear the cloth after applied, the corner is easier to be rolled?

- Cut the circle corner is better than no. It can not promise that no rolled any more. But much better. And please wear the cloth as careful as you could.  The stickiness is not over the force from us. :) 

Do you think that is hard to find gap to release the paper from the edge?

- Tear the paper directly to remove paper. Because the force will break the paper won't break the elastic cloth of Kintape. - Break the paper for the end and star first. You could taping it without touch the glue. The tapes will be on skin better. Because you don't break the glue even little.

Do you find that, if there is some uncomfortable reaction after taping. Like itch, Happened in the end part you applied more than the start?  That because of that, we don't stretch the start to apply, but we do like stretch till the end to apply.  No stop, can not always to sure that is no stretching of the end.

- No stretch for the star it easier, but if for the end, 3 seconds after removing the last paper to help you reminder that is no stretched. No stretched will safe your skin as the Kintape has strong and stable return force even after days applied. (DL produce the Kintape with 70D spandex )

Do you think that is hard to control for a exactly elasticity you like? In normal, 120% elasticity is a safe range. And good for the mostly applying.   

- How to make sure you apply 120% elasticity? Just remove the paper to apply, no the extra force, all the force from paper removing. (Because DL produce with the special standard of paper quality, And the technical of coating glue to sure the relaxation is less than 5% , both of it to make sure the 120% elasticity while removing paper to apply)

How is the skills of applying Kintape or Kinesiology tape?  All belongs to Kintape technique and theory system. For more, just leave the message. Thank you. 



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