Kintape for lower back pain (Taping for Waist)

  •  Cause of disease
  1. Chronic injury of supraspinal and interspinous ligaments, excessive waist movement and overload;
  2. Air temperature is too low or humidity is too great;
  3. Retrogressive pelvospondylitis of lumbar vertebra;
  4. Muscle, fascia and ligament damage.


  • Symptoms
  1. The lower waist feels acid pain and weakness when bending over, or the waist feels breakage;
  2. With pain referred towards the bottom; without kinaesthesia disturbance;
  3. There are pressing pains for the superficial tissue among lumbar vertebra 4, 5 or waist 5, sacrum 1 the upper spinous process and spinous process.



  • Taping method Fig. and technique description


kintape technique for lower back

First/Second:     With the first and second kintapes, stretch and apply them on the erector spinae from top to bottom (located in upheaval part on both sides of the lumbar vertebra, i.e., about 5 cm on the left and right sides of the lumbar vertebra).

Technique: Intensify the strength of the erector spinae of the waist, meanwhile accelerating the blood backflow of the waist.


kintape technique for lower back pain

Third:              Apply the kintape on the pit of the lumbar vertebra, and stretch and apply the kintape toward both sides along the waistline.

Note:             a.  The two vertical-I type shall not exceed the Zhishi acupoint (lumbar eye).

  1. There are certain method requirements for horizontal-I type: the middle point of the lumbar vertebra shall be in a fully relaxed state. Then, gently pull about one fingerbreadth wide and press it, then pull completely to the aforesaid kintapes, and stretch and apply the kintape immediately over the meeting part of the aforesaid kintapes.

Technique: Open the subcutaneous space of the middle part and lift the skin, wrap the zhishi acupoint and lift the space to intensify waist strength.


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