Kintape for killing Headache

  • Cause of disease
  1. Cervical vertebra;
  2. Hyperpiesia or hypotension;
  3. Vascular sclerosis or inhibited blood reflow.


  • Symptoms
  1. Dizziness or headache;
  2. Dazzle and difficulty standing or walking;
  3. Blood vessel breakout;
  4. Canthus turns red.


The first kintape:

Pull open the middle part and apply. Apply on the temple acupoint and relax at the two ends.

kintape for killing headache

The second kintape: the same method apply on the temple acupoint on the other side

kintape for killing headache

The third kintape: Apply down along shoulder to neck, and directly pull the paper without pulling the fabrics. 

kintape technique for headache -3

  • Technique Description

The first and second kintapes are stretched at the middle part, and the two ends are applied under a relaxed state. The purpose is to enhance the subcutaneous space at the Temple acupoint and expand the blood vessel at the trigeminus.

The third kintape is stretched and applied from shoulder to neck. The operating method is flow guidance. The part is chosen at the venous return point near the neck. The purpose is to conduct the flow guidance of blood in the head to the heart to achieve balance of the blood pressure in the head.


  • Reactions after applying

For symptoms: hypertension, migraine, balance damage of blood pressure in the head due to drinking, or other causes. The Temple acupoint feels cool after it is applied and the head feels clear. The headache will reduce in about 5 minutes. It if is caused by hypertension, the blood pressure in the head reduces when measuring the blood pressure.


  • Note:
  1. It is prohibited to apply like this for hypotension.
  2. The third kintape cannot be applied oppositely no matter what the situation.

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