Kintape application of neck for sports


It is going to the 12nd sports application of Kintape here. 

What is the sports for? 

  • Aquatic sports 
  • Throwing sports
  • Badminton, tennis and base ball, which needs looking up

What is the steps ?


  • Cut a 30cm I type kintape first. The cut it to X shape, 20cm and 5cm for different length "V" shape. 
  • Apply the middle of the X type kintape to the neck point first, The 5cm part on the top, the 20cm part bellow. 
  • Stretch 120% up to the head, and please note no stretch no stretch no stretch of the final 2cm. 
  • Stretch the 20cm down and a "O" shape to the vertebration. ( meet each side and to be an "O" will be fine, no request to the O shape exactly )


 See the picture below 

Kintape application of neck for sports


Please click to see the 3 tips for application methods of kintape to help you apply them easier.


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