Kintape application of front of leg


The 9th kintape application is coming for front of the leg. For strengthen the muscle of leg, for any sports which need the lift leg high. 

What kind of the sports for ?

  • Any sports game need lift the leg.
  • Fast sprint/running
  • Any movements like squat, Straight and half bent 

 How to kintape them? just follow the guide like the picture 

  • Cut a 25cm length I type Kintape 
  • Apply the first 5cm without stretched on the high top of front muscle of thigh, apply it by releasing the paper on the front of leg from up to down( it is 120% stretched if doing like this by kintape - not all the tape perform like that), no stretch on the final 5cm at the bottom. 

Kintape application of front of the leg

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