Kintape application for strengthen the waist muscle (Lower back )


You have known 9 kintape applications for sports protection, wish it is helpful for you in your basic sports protection.  The more request, just submit the message to us below. Will modify and offer as more you need. Thanks 

Today, we are going to talk about the 10th applications which is for waist.  That is very popular and famous, and if you know kinesiology tape before, you should know the classic taping for waist like this. 

What is this application for ?

  • Diving, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Skating, Cycling and throwing sports
  • Sour pain on the waist include lumbar muscle degeneration 

What is the step on guide?

  • Cut 2 pieces I type Kintape,  18cm. 
  • Apply to the left and right waist muscle from up to down, please noted,  no stretch of the beginning and the end 5cm, and stretch 120% to apply (or just releasing the paper to apply )

please check this video to find out the place to apply. that is important for the place to affect. 


Kintape application for lower back - waist


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