Kintape application for long time walk


Kinesiology tape is popular in sports safety, So let us make a Kintape application list for sports protection and safety for you also.  it is 18 applications. 

This blog is the first one.  Which is the kintape application for long time walk. 

You may walk hours while you shopping, visit friends, visit the school of your children's, take around in a exhibition or Fair or Marathon etc. You could image that we do have many times that needs walk  long long long time. 

Then how could we do to release the pain the sore or even reduce a little. 

Let us kintape it.  

So what is ranges of this application for ?

  • Protection of long time walk 
  • Foot sore or swollen caused by driving or other things 
  • Pain caused by flat feet

How could you kintape it ?

You buy an 5cm x 5m kintape in common, then cut a piece which is 18cm length( depends on the length of your foot, 80% percent of the foot will be fine, you will stretch the tape no more than 20%)

And then, cut it to a fun type as the picture.  Finally, Kintape it from down to up as the picture. 

kintape for long time walk

Hope it is helpful for your shopping way, Come back to tell us if you use it well :) thanks 


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