Kintape application for leg


You will get the kintape application for leg today.  

We can't walk or run without leg, so leg is important in our life. 

How could we do a simple protection for it ?  Let us kintape it. which you won't have the additional feeling for the skin, and you still can walk or run freely, no need to avoid the tape. 

So what is the range exactly that you could kintape it like this application ?

  • Prevent leg muscle strain injury
  • Prevent leg cramps
  • Low level protection to achillcs tendon
  • Relax gastrocnemius

How is the steps? 

  • Cut a 28cm length Y shape kintape pieces, and there is about 8cm on the top before "V"
  • Start from the tendon, no stretched in beginning about the 3cm, stretch to 120% to stick down to up, and then stretch to 140% up to the leg. and please no stretch at the 3cm end. 

as the picture following:

kintape application for leg

A small story:

Days ago, we shared the post in Facebook. but some friends said that is too simple without the stretch percentage.  So we do it here. 

But Please don't worry about the percentage. It you taping it with the force of removing the paper. that will be 20% , and please do it lightly, and our tapes adapt the most parts of skin, so that, easier to taping and relax to try. you will get the point while you use times. thanks 


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