Kintape application for Heel if injury from badminton


Regarding the Kintape technique for using kinesiology tape, DL is willing to make it easier and good for using it by yourself.  

The second kintape application of the 18 applications for sports safety and protection. 

If you are playing badminton and basketball in your life. You will see that heel is very important, and sometimes it hurts, do effect to play well. So if we could protect the heel by kintape, which won't be hinder. You could wear them to play badminton and basketball still. Protect your heel. 

So what is the range of this kintape application for?

  • Heel injury from badminton
  • Heel pain caused by jogging
  • Strike to the heel when playing basketball 

How to taping it.  Cut a 15cm-length of Kintape , I type Kintape.

Stretch the middle of I type(the length could hold the whole heel ) apply to heel.  then taping the two side without stretch. 

like this picture:

kintape application for heel

You should get the point and taping it easily now.  Protect yourself from the hurts that we could see. 


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