Kintape application for back


That may some different feeling after watching PC/Phone for a long time, Your neck to shoulder or the back parts feel tired. 

Or you are climbing, cycling, jumping, or long walking with a bag, You would like to make your back easier and feel better. Then if you have a kintape, please try this application. 

What is the sports for ? It is the 11st application of the 18 kintape applications for sports .

  • All kinds of sports and movements to prevent stiff back and make it more comfortable.

How could we apply it?

  • Cut a 20cm length kintape 
  • Apply from down to up as the picture. and please note, without stretch at the first and the last 5cm,  Please don't apply over the shoulder and neck point. 

kintape application for back

Please click to see the 3 tips for application methods of kintape to help you apply them easier.


And buy for personal use. Here 


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