Kintape application about front of leg


The 5th application of the 18 Kintape applications on sports protection is about the front of leg. 

That is a musculi hippicus.  So the directions is important, important for strengthen or relax. 

So Kintape application about front of leg, when could we use this application?

  • Climbing the mountain
  • Jumping games
  • Football, Badminton
  • Long time hiking

What is the steps?

  • Cut a I type and 40cm length kintape
  • Have a judge that if you want to strengthen or relax the muscle? (strengthen before sports, Relax after sports in normal )
  • If would like to strengthen, please remove the 5cm of the side on kintape without stretch. Then remove the paper and applied on the muscle from up to down in the same time. Please note, No stretch on the last 5cm, you could removing paper and wait for 5 seconds to apply. (that is 120% stretch in nature while removing the paper - because we produce like that, so don't worry about to lost control, just apply it easier ) 
  • If would like to relax, just from front of ankle up to the knee on the front muscle of leg.  And please remember, 5cm of the beginning and the end has no stretched. 

A simple picture for your reference. 

kintape application about front of leg

PS: Regarding the Kintape theory, a basic principle is if you would like to relax the muscle(any muscle) just kintape the from the muscle part which is far away from heart to the near side part of muscle.   The more welcome to our kintape applications (online or off line)  or buy the book Principles and practice of Kintape

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