How to protect Lateral Thigh


Happy 2017,  the 8th application of the 18 Kintape applications, it is about lateral thigh, which is different from the 7th application, the 7th application of thigh is about inner thigh, while you apply the kintape. Now it is outside.  the lateral thigh. 


What is the suitable sports?

  • Cycling and roller skating 
  • Throwing sports 
  • Some Kinds of sports causes injury of lateral thigh 


How to taping it ?

  • Cut a I type kintape, Length: 30cm 
  • No stretch of the first 5cm, apply at the top of the lateral thigh(outside thigh, on the left of the left leg, on the right of the right leg.) Then down to the upper knee with 120% stretch, and please no stretch in the final 5cm. 

See the picture for reference. 

How to protect the lateral thigh

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