How to protect inner thigh injury and reduce muscle sore or swollen


Happy new year, the first work day of 2017.  You will have the kintape application for thigh today. 

For thigh, there is 2 purpose,  prevent inner thigh injury or reduce muscle sore or swollen. 

What is the sports for ?

  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Roller skating 
  • Cycling

How to kintape it step by step ?

  1. For protect the inner thigh injury 
  • Cut a I type Kintape, length is 20cm
  • Release the first 5cm paper, and stick on the top muscle of thigh
  • Stretch with 120% elasticity, and 5cm left without stretch. stick to the end of the muscle. (if over or not reach, you could cut more or less than 20cm, in common, 20cm perfect for the most. only stretch lesser or more, but no more than 140%)
  • Up to down for strengthen, do it before sports will protect your inner thigh injury in sports. 

2. For reduce muscle sore or swollen 

  • Cut a W (Fun/claw) type, length: 25cm , and W shape start from 8cm 
  • Release the first 5cm paper on the I side. and stick on the top muscle of thigh

 Figure 1 for reference. 

how to protect the inner thigh or reduce the muscle sore or swollen

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