Part 2 Relaxations shrinkage of kintape is lesser than 5%

  • Watch this video to see how could we check the relaxations shrinkage of a tape.

Cut a pieces of Kintape, like 10cm length, and release the tapes from backpaper.  wait for a minutes, while the tape is relaxation. return it to the backpaper.  It is no more than 5mm return from its length before releasing from the paper. So we say, the relaxation shrinkage of Kintape is lesser than 5%.

  • Why do we need to control and check the relaxation shrinkage of Kintape is lesser than 5%? 
 As you known, while you use Kintape or Kinesiology tape, taping them with stretching.
While you stretch the tape, if over, it will hurt the skin because of the over strong return force.
So how could you control the elasticity easier?  If you cut a 10cm piece, you stretch it to 15cm, then you will think that it is stretched up to 150%, and the easiest thing is that what you think as what you get.  So how could we archive this, we should be sure the tape produced without any return force and stretched with the back paper.  So if the tape releasing from paper. And the returned part lesser than 5mm, then that will be good for you control while apply.
  • What will happen if not control the relaxation shrinkage while producing the Kintape or kinesiology tape ?

1. Apply as unexpected. While you cut 10cm length for taping, you stretch it to 15cm, if the tape return force to 8cm that means you stretch from 8cm to 15cm, It actually stretch up to 200%,  then it will hurt your skin or just pull off very soon. because of the actually over stretch.

2. The validity date for tape is 3 years in normal.  If the material of tape is at a stretched status for a long time, it will be stable at that elasticity. that means it lost it is expected elasticity.

  • Not all the manufacturer can control the relaxation shrinkage.

Just have a reference and please check it while you buy a tape.  If you have adopted the tape by your taping skill. That is not a big deal if you buy a new one, But if you are new for that, and you are learning for the stretching skill, try to check one and buy one which is easier for you.

It is not easy to control in producing because of that, the material cloth is elasticity and have to be flat while coating the glue, then you need the force to make it flat.  So in fact, who could control the lesser relaxation shrinkage, who is a producer who has better producing technology.


Kintape quality standard of relaxation shrinkage in DL, it has to be less than 5%.

See more about quality test in DL, please check Distinguish-the-quality-of-tapes