Part 1 - How to check the color fastness of the tape

  • How to check the color fastness of the tape if without test machine?

If you don't have the machine, or you don't need the exactly result of the color fastness. Just would like to check is it as good as expect.  Here is a way for you to do by yourself.

Find a white cloth, and prepare the tapes that you would like to test.  Wet the white cloth, then wipe it on the tapes as the video.  You will see that, one had no blue color on the white cloth, but the other had.  Obviously, Without blue color is better than with. 

So what is the standard of Kintape?  DL require Level 4  at least. (wipe more than 40 times, without color on the white cloth)

  • why the tape needed like that, that is the matter if not so good?

Let us have a look at some picture you might care of 

[DL]color fastness of kintape

[DL]color fastness of kintape

[DL]color fastness of kintape


yes, maybe not that bad, but we really don't like that. You know, kintape is used for sports, sweating and hot, You could image that, if the color fastness is not good enough, that will happen in your coat. Kintape  is used for therapy, ware it for 2-7 days, even more 10 days...  yes, you got it. 

So that is the part 1, would like to consider as easy as we could for you to use kintape . Why do we make a color fastness standard of kintape, and  how could we check level 4 color fastness without machine.